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  • Senator Huffines Files Amendment to Institute Term Limits

    Files amendment to place term limits on Governor, Lt. Governor’s offices.


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  • Restoring Your Rights

    I can proudly say I have kept my promise to advance liberty for all Texans.  I have been hard at work to promote limited government and freedom throughout the state... Read More

  • Transportation Promises

    For years, I have been advocating that Texans deserve 22nd Century roads without higher taxes, fees, and without toll roads.  I have been proud to repeatedly and unabashedly stand with... Read More

  • ICYMI: Senator Huffines Stares Down Margins Tax and Advocates for Economic Freedom

    In case you missed it, last week Senator Huffines led the fight to phase-out the margins tax and recently published an op-ed advocating for the rule of law.

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  • Standing Up for Constitutional Carry

    Yesterday, the Texas Senate considered Senate Bill 17, and today the Texas Senate voted in favor or Open Carry.  I supported this bill because it will advance our Second Amendment... Read More

  • Don Huffines on Texas Standard

    Listen to Don's interview on Texas Standard below:


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  • Conservative Future

    This past year has been a long, challenging battle for Republicans in Texas. From the primaries to the runoffs and the general election, we have fought every step of the... Read More

  • Thank You, District 16!

    Our hard work paid off. I am so thankful for this victory, and I know it would not have been possible without your support. I am honored that the people of Texas... Read More

  • Joint Statement on Historical Horse Racing Terminal

    As Republican nominees for the Texas Senate, we are pleased with the unified stance the current Republican caucus has taken in opposing the Racing Commission’s proposed rule on historical racing.... Read More

  • Border Trip Recap

    This morning, Don joined Mark Davis on 660AM to discuss his recent trip to the border. 

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