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Conservative Future

This past year has been a long, challenging battle for Republicans in Texas. From the primaries to the runoffs and the general election, we have fought every step of the way for conservative values. My campaign has seen challenges of our own that were overcome with the help of persistent supporters, passionate volunteers, and a platform of policies that will protect the rights of individuals instead of big government.


My campaign worked tirelessly over countless hours, knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of calls to conservative voters to seek support in bringing back fiscal responsibility, political integrity, and support of liberty—and our hard work has paid off! God has truly blessed us as our Republican candidates won all of the statewide positions, successfully held all state house seats in SD16, and Dallas County elected our first ever female District Attorney. Susan Hawk’s win is the first time in over 10 years that a Republican will hold a county-wide position.


This 2014 election cycle is a historic victory for Republicans in Texas and across the United States. We added 13 seats to our majority in the US House and we won back control of the US Senate. With new Republican leadership at the national and state level, we have a significant opportunity to shape the future. These key wins are an indicator of the conservative future we see before us in Texas. With eight new conservative Republican state senators, it is truly a new day in Austin. We will be uncompromising on our principles of freedom; we will be uncompromising on our practices of fiscal responsibility; and we will be uncompromising in our beliefs of individual liberty and our fight to protect Texas sovereignty.


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