David Barton Backs the Huffines Campaign - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


David Barton Backs the Huffines Campaign

David Barton, the President of WallBuilders and the former Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, endorsed Don Huffines for Texas Senate. Barton’s endorsement follows a series of prominent leaders throughout the district and the state backing Don Huffines.

“Don has the integrity and experience that we need to represent us in the Texas Senate. Too many of today’s politicians are self-motivated, neglecting many of the traditional conservative

values and beliefs of our communities,” said David Barton. “We need Don Huffines to represent us in Austin.”

With less than two months left in the Republican primary, the Don Huffines campaign continues to build momentum in the race.

“I am grateful for David’s endorsement. I continue to hear from voters that we need new representation in Austin. Twenty-three years is too long for any public official to be in office. It is my promise to the voters that I will not make the senate my career” said Don Huffines.

“I am going to Austin to reduce the size of our state government, cut taxes, and stop career politicians from wasting our hard earned dollars.”


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