Denise McNamara Backs Don Huffines Vision for Limited Government - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Denise McNamara Backs Don Huffines’ Vision for Limited Government

Denise McNamara joins many others in supporting the Don Huffines for State Senate Campaign. 

“I believe that Don will provide steady and conservative leadership in the Texas Senate.  We need a senator that represents the values and beliefs of our district,” said Denise. “Texas does not need career politicians in Austin, and Don is going to make a difference for all Texans.”

The Don Huffines campaign continues to make significant progress reaching out to voters in the district. McNamara’s backing demonstrates that the campaign’s message of term limits, cutting taxes, and limited government is resonating.   

 “I am humbled by Denise’s support.  She has served the party and our community for many years,” said Don.  “I continue to spread my message, and I will lead in Austin with conservative principles. 

Denise McNamara’s endorsement follows Texans for Fiscal Responsibility; Cathie Adams, former Republican Party Chair and President of Texas Eagle Forum; and JoAnne Fleming, the Executive Director of Grassroots America – We the People in backing the Don Huffines campaign. 


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