Don Huffines Endorsed by Republican Liberty Caucus - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Don Huffines Endorsed by Republican Liberty Caucus

"I proudly endorse Don Huffines for the Texas Senate. He is a true conservative that understands that liberty and personal responsibility are essential to the success of Texas families. I have no doubt that his guiding principles will make him every Texans ally in the state Senate." - Justin Machacek is the Executive Director of the American Liberty Association and residing Secretary of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas.

"Texas increased annual spending by 25% last session due to an out of touch legislature. Don Huffines is a proven conservative that will not succumb to the Austin elite. He is a family man with strong moral convictions and my only wish is that we could send 31 Don Huffines to the Texas Senate!"

"I have every confidence that Don Huffines' success in the private marketplace will translate to the Texas legislature. He has proven that he will fight for everyday Texans to provide more opportunities and more freedom in their everyday lives."


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