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Educational Choice



Texas is home to many great public schools. That’s especially true in Senate District 16 and the larger DFW area. But a public school isn’t the right answer for every student. That’s why I’m fighting to empower parents and students with education choice through Education Savings Accounts (ESA), the most comprehensive, innovative, and customizable model available.

Here’s how an ESA program would work: parents apply for the program and un-enroll their child from public school. Next, the state funds an account that parents can use to pay for numerous services related to their child’s education. Parents could pay private school tuition or a tutor, purchase curriculum for homeschooling or a digital learning class, or save some money for college tuition, for example. If parents don’t use all of their ESA dollars in one year, they can roll over the remainder to the next school year. Academic and financial accountability will be critical elements of the program.

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