Endorsements - Don Huffines for Texas Senate



Sen. Rand Paul 

U.S. Senator

“Don has been a long-time advisor to me. He is decisive and a strong leader. His belief in economic freedom is only matched by his adherence to the constitution. His policies of term limits, reducing government spending and taxes, and reasonable regulation will certainly enhance job creation in Texas. The voters can trust that Don will act with courage and not deviate from his core principals as so many politicians have. Clearly he is the best choice in the state senate race. Texas is fortunate to have a strong leader such as Don Huffines.”


Rick Santorum 

Former Presidential Candidate and U.S. Senator

"Don Huffines is someone voters can trust to do what is right and to keep his word. He is a man of unshakable faith, and he will not compromise our Republican values. We need more citizens like Don to step forward to run and serve in public office. I endorse Don Huffines and know that, if he is given the chance to serve as State Senator, he will be a dedicated representative for North Texas."


Hon. Dick Armey 

Former U.S. House Majority Leader

“Don’s commitment to term limits exemplifies his desire to serve the district as a citizen legislator. Don has a true conservative philosophy for the State of Texas, advocating for smaller government, less taxes, and a higher ethical standard for his district. We need to send a message that higher taxes, more government, increased spending, special interest, and corruption will not be tolerated.   Don is a strong voice for freedom and liberty for the voters.  We need more leaders like Don to get involved and I strongly offer him my endorsement.”



Michael Quinn Sullivan

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

“Don Huffines is a successful businessman who will bring a fresh, thoughtful vision to state government. Don Huffines brings forward deeply principled convictions coupled with a commonsense approach that puts Texans ahead of monied interests.”



Tom Leppert

Former Mayor of Dallas, TX 

"Don represents the morals and virtues that all our leaders in office should uphold, always supporting the right to life."


FreedomWorks PAC

Grassroots Tea Party Group

Don Huffines will be "a freedom fighter in the Texas Senate."


Tim Lambert

Texas Home School Coalition

“Don’s clear conservative values distinguish him from among his peers. Even in Texas, true conservatives are hard to find. The Texas Senate is in great need of conservatives like Don who are willing to stand by their beliefs. His presence in the Legislature will be a clear asset to conservatives, and we are proud to support him in his campaign.”



Cathie Adams

President, Texas Eagle Forum

“It is my pleasure to endorse Don Huffines for Texas Senate. Don is a Reagan conservative with a track record as a successful business owner. He understands that increased government spending is not the path to a prosperous economy. Don is the kind of principled leader that is urgently needed in the Texas Senate, a leader we can trust to fight for our conservative values. He is the right choice for the district.”



Denise McNamara

Former National Republican Committeewoman

“I believe that Don will provide steady and conservative leadership in the Texas Senate.  We need a senator that represents the values and beliefs of our district,” said Denise. “Texas does not need career politicians in Austin, and Don is going to make a difference for all Texans.”



JoAnn Fleming

Executive Director of Grassroots America – We the People

“Don will go to Austin to prioritize spending, enact term limits, and get government out of our lives. I am confident Don Huffines is the kind of leader we need in the Texas Senate, and I enthusiastically endorse him.”



Kelly Shackelford

President and CEO, Liberty Institute

“I’m more than happy to endorse someone with such solid conservative credentials as Don Huffines.  He’s a big proponent of term limits and wants the state government to live within its means.”



Texas Right to Life

“Don’s strong commitment to family values is shown through his deep found faith. Don represents the morals and virtues that all our leaders in office should uphold, always supporting the right to life. His dedication to his faith, family, and values makes it a clear choice in this race. We are proud to offer Don Huffines our strong backing.”



Jonathan Saenz

President, Texas Values*-organizational name for identification purposes only

"I am proud to personally endorse Don Huffines for State Senate. With so many attacks on marriage and traditional family values, we need someone that we can count on for these foundational issues for State Senate District 16. We need Don Huffines."



David Barton

President of WallBuilders and the former Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas

“Don has the integrity and experience that we need to represent us in the Texas Senate. Too many of today’s politicians are self-motivated, neglecting many of the traditional conservative values and beliefs of our communities. We need Don Huffines to represent us in Austin.”



Texas Conservative Digest

“Don Huffines understands the importance of limited government and making sure that our conservative values are represented and not just vocalized on a campaign agenda. He is the only true conservative in the race and he has not made his career out of politics.”



Concerned Women of America

"Don Huffines is a courageous, dedicated conservative, who I believe will fight for our shared Texas values. We desperately need more principled leaders like Don in the Texas Senate. We need those who will fight for, preserve, and protect the greatest state in the nation."


Republican Liberty Caucus

Justin Machacek, Secretary of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas

"I proudly endorse Don Huffines for the Texas Senate. He is a true conservative that understands that liberty and personal responsibility are essential to the success of Texas families. I have no doubt that his guiding principles will make him every Texans ally in the state Senate."


Peggy Venable

Former Reagan Administration appointee

"Don is a man of integrity and a true conservative. Don brings vast business experience and a practical approach to policy-making.  He knows that we need less government and regulation in our state. He supports setting state spending priorities and funding those first," said Peggy. "He has pledged not to increase taxes or fees and he supports fiscally sound budget principles. We need Don in the Texas Senate."


Young Conservatives of Texas

"We are excited to see so many conservatives running for office in 2014. If we are successful this cycle, we could hit a critical mass necessary for conservative change in the Texas Legislature.”


Diane Edmonson 

Executive Director, Republican National Coalition for Life (retired)

I have known Don Huffines for more than a decade, and have always admired his strong conservative views, particularly regarding the sanctity of life. He will be a strong but approachable state senator who can be counted upon to protect life, liberty and family values. 



Conservative Republicans of Texas