Fighting for Liberty in the 84th Legislative Session - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Fighting for Liberty in the 84th Legislative Session

I am very excited to share with you the many conservative successes from the 84th Texas Legislative Session!


I am very excited to share with you the many conservative successes from the 84th Texas Legislative Session!

I have worked tirelessly to promote freedom and liberty for you, the hard-working citizens of Texas.  This session, the state was under new leadership, which brought new ideas and propelled us to take historic steps.  I'm proud of these many efforts, and I was proud to play a role in the passage of each of these major accomplishments. 


SJR 1, HB 32, SB 1760:  With the passage of our fiscally responsible budget, SJR 1, HB 32, and SB 1760, Texans will enjoy nearly 4 billion dollars in margins tax cuts, property tax reductions, and property tax reforms.  The Legislature achieved a 25 percent cut of the rates of the margins tax on Texas businesses, and lowered property taxes by nearly doubling the homestead exemption for school taxes, making it $25,000. When that money stays in the private sector, it can be used for job growth and investment, taking our economy to even greater heights. 

TRANSPORTATION FUNDING (SJR 5):  I was proud to serve as Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee and to be a co-author on Senate Joint Resolution 5.  If voters agree this November, Texas will dedicate $2.5 billion more dollars to roads in 2018, and billions more going forward, too. SJR 5 reprioritizes existing revenue so we won't raise taxes or fees to provide new and better roads without tolls.  Texans deserve a 22nd Century network of toll-free roads, and our actions this session get us significantly closer to that goal. 

HB 991: HB 991 requires the Texas Department of Agriculture to display the current federal and state motor fuel taxes on each motor fuel pump.  This increases transparency for taxpayers to know how much of the tax they pay on gas goes to the state government and federal government.  I was the Senate sponsor to this bill.

First and foremost, we must secure the border.  The safety of Texas families and the rule of law are top priorities.  Although border security and a system of legal immigration are federal responsibilities, Texas has had to shoulder the costs and other burdens of the federal government's failure.   

HB 1:  The budget includes $800 million to make sure Texas will secure the border where the federal government cannot or will not.

HB 11:  The border security bill we passed will help ensure public safety and uphold the rule of law by giving our law enforcement the training and tools they need to keep Texans safe and uphold the rule of law.

These two bills significantly advance law-abiding Texans' God-given right to defend themselves and their families.  The NRA has stated, "Texas gun owners enjoyed several important victories this year".  I couldn’t agree more.

HB 910:  Open carry removes a state barrier that currently mandates how law-abiding Texans should exercise their Second Amendment right.  

SB 11:  I am proud to be a co-author of the campus personal protection act, which allows law-abiding Texans with a CHL - those who are 21 years old or older - to carry a concealed handgun on certain areas of a public university campus, making that campus safer for faculty, staff, and students. 

HB 3994:  I was a co-sponsor on this bill which strengthens existing parental notice and consent requirements that must be met before a minor may obtain an abortion. 

SB 2065:  SB 2065 will protect the First Amendment religious freedoms of churches and pastors.  This bill, which I was a co-author of, will provide legal protection to pastors who follow their faith and religious beliefs.

Each of these conservative victories made this legislative session one of the most conservative in recent Texas history.  

Despite the fact that the 84th Texas Legislature finished on Monday, we are hard at work preparing for the 85th to continue to advance your Constitutional rights, and to limit government from infringing on the freedoms bestowed to you.

Thank you for staying closely involved in the work of the Texas Legislature! I hope you will stay in touch throughout the summer. Be sure to look for more updates on the work we're pursuing on your behalf.


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