Huffines Pre-Files Pro-Life Legislation - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Huffines Pre-Files Pro-Life Legislation

The Dallas Senator pre-filed legislation that would restore the dignity of unborn children by allowing them to be buried or cremated at death


AUSTIN—State Senator Don Huffines has filed Senate Bill 258, a bill that would reinforce the recent Department of State Health Services (DSHS) rule changes by making burial or cremation options a part of the existing informed consent process. These rule changes will mark the end of disposing of unborn children by means of a landfill or sewage system. Senator Huffines' legislation will allow the mother of the unborn child to have a say as to the appropriate resting place for her aborted child.

Senator Huffines stated: "Texas will not be a state where the remains of unborn children are cast aside with the daily trash. Unborn children deserve more dignity and respect than the cold, harsh treatment that is callously afforded to ‘medical waste.’ With this bill, Texans are going to stand up and say no more grinders and drains, and no more bidding and selling for body parts. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Greg Abbott, Chairman Byron Cook, and the Department of State Health Services, our innocent unborn children will no longer be deprived of the dignity that is due every human - a proper internment or cremation."

In 2015, investigative journalists uncovered Planned Parenthood employees and executives candidly discussing the selling of fetal tissue belonging to unborn children that were aborted at their clinics. Since then, Texas lawmakers have been outspoken in their desire to ensure that all Texans, regardless of age, receive a proper disposition of their remains. Senator Huffines' SB 258 amends the existing informed consent process to require the woman procuring an abortion to decide if the unborn child's remains will be buried, cremated, or disposed of in accordance with the DSHS rules.

"We all saw the undercover Planned Parenthood videos from last year," Senator Huffines stated. "After witnessing the horrific and callous disregard for innocent human life, I felt a deep moral and ethical obligation to act. My legislation will restore the humanity of the unborn children whose lives are being taken."

The Senator concluded by saying, "The true intent of SB 258 is to restore some modicum of human decency and dignity to the most innocent among us. All good hearted Texans can agree that we must stop abortionists from trafficking the remains of unborn children. I look forward to working with Governor Abbott, Chairman Cook, and other leaders to make sure we restore human decency in this state."


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