ICYMI: Huffines Stares Down Franchise Tax and Advocates for Economic Freedom - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


ICYMI: Senator Huffines Stares Down Margins Tax and Advocates for Economic Freedom

In case you missed it, last week Senator Huffines led the fight to phase-out the margins tax and recently published an op-ed advocating for the rule of law.


Senator Huffines led the fight against the Margins Tax

On Wednesday, Senator Huffines filed an amendment to Senate Bill 7 to begin the phase-out of the job-killing margins tax.  Relieving business owners of the margins tax would have created tens of thousands of jobs, which would have brought extraordinary economic growth and prosperity across Texas.  

While the amendment was turned into a study made by the Comptroller instead of a common sense phase-out of a bad tax, Texans took notice of his leadership. Here is a recent story by Cary Chesire, of Empower Texans, about Senator Huffines' leadership to remove the job killing margins tax.

Here are some of the excerpts from Cary Chesire
- “Rather than accept the status quo, Huffines promised a fresh take for Texas. He would stand for border security, school choice, pro-life legislation, and an end to transportation diversions. So far, Huffines has been making good on all those promises in the new Texas Senate. On one particular promise though, Huffines notably stood his ground despite facing considerable pressure to back down.”

- “...the Senator from Dallas stuck to his guns on a full repeal, planning to put forward an amendment to SB 7 that would repeal it entirely by the year 2020.”

- "Complete and total victory may not have been had Wednesday, but if Texas voters keep supporting honest, true conservatives like the four mentioned above,  the state will continue to travel down the right track."

Nanny state ordinances threaten laws, freedom

On Sunday, Senator Huffines' op-ed about how liberal political subdivisions are threatening Texas' economic freedom with illegal rules and regulations was shared by the San Antonio Express News
.  Illegal rules and regulations from political subdivisions are infringing upon the economic freedoms of Texas families, and business owners. That is why Senator Huffines filed Senate Bill 1673, which prohibits overzealous political subdivisions from enacting rules and ordinances that conflict with or undermine state laws and regulations that are designed to foster free enterprise.  If you have a moment, please read his editorial about his SB 1673, and the liberal political subdivisions who are breaking state law with illegal rules and regulations.

Here are some of the excerpts from Senator Huffines' op-ed

- "Like most Texans, I am proud of the prosperity and opportunity we enjoy as a direct result of our state’s embrace of free enterprise and limited government. We aggressively defend our liberty culture from federal encroachment, but I agree with Gov. Greg Abbott’s identification of a more insidious risk: liberal local political subdivisions."

- "This remains a serious problem. In response to it, I am proud to have filed Senate Bill 1673, which prohibits overzealous political subdivisions from enacting rules and ordinances that conflict with or undermine state laws and regulations that are designed to foster free enterprise."

- "I find it troubling that some municipalities have shown an affinity for micromanaging the lives of citizens, resembling the “nanny state” Texans distrust."

- "Senate Bill 1673 allows political subdivisions freedom of action in subject areas where the state has not chosen to get involved, and it does not abolish home rule, as some have outlandishly claimed.  Nor, despite the claims to the contrary, is the legislation targeted at any particular group or community. To be clear, this legislation is about liberty, economic freedom and the rule of law." 


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