ICYMI: Senator Huffines Fights for Second Amendment Rights and Tax Relief - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


ICYMI: Senator Huffines Fights for Second Amendment Rights and Tax Relief

We have had a couple of very exciting days at the end of this Legislative Session. Sunday evening, Senator Huffines fought to phase-out the costly and complicated margins tax on Texas businesses.  On Monday evening, Senator Huffines joined The Wells Report to talk about his amendment he added to the open carry bill - HB 910 - that protects law-abiding Texans' civil liberties.  



On Sunday, Senator Huffines filed an amendment to HB 32 to begin the phase-out of the job-killing margins tax.  HB 32 is a step in the right direction by reducing the margin by 25 percent, but there was an opportunity to bring an end to it once and for all.  Phasing-out the margins tax would have created tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in new investment, which would have brought extraordinary economic growth and prosperity across Texas.  

This was the last opportunity during this legislative session to bring an end to this job-killing tax.  Senator Huffines promised on the campaign that he was going to file bold legislation, and fight to protect the freedoms and liberties bestowed to each of you.  He is principled in his beliefs and will remain undaunted from this challenge.  He will always fight for free-market principles and limited government, and with your support he will kill the margins tax once and for all.


Senator Huffines joined The Wells Report Monday evening to talk about his civil liberty amendment to the House's open carry bill - HB 910.

Senator Huffines had this to say about his amendment: "Friday was a great day for Texan's constitutional rights, as the Texas Senate advanced the Second and Fourth Amendments. I won a six-hour fight to add an amendment to HB 910, the open carry bill, which will protect the civil liberties of those who choose to carry openly."

"As we expand Second Amendment liberty with HB 910, we must remain mindful of the civil liberties safeguarded by the Fourth Amendment. Texans who choose to openly carry a handgun once this bill is signed by Governor Abbott should not be suspect, and should not be detained, delayed, or searched simply because they choose to exercise their Second Amendment right. We have a duty to protect the civil liberties of Texans who choose to open carry. My amendment provides that a police officer may not make an investigatory stop of someone solely because he or she is openly carrying a handgun."

"Our police officers in Texas do amazing work and act as professionals under the most difficult of circumstances. I have no doubt that they will be able to operate successfully under my amendment to the open carry bill. It is human nature to push back against restraints on one's authority, even when those restraints are demanded by the U.S. Constitution, as is the case here.

"The debate on this amendment took more than 6 hours.  Fortunately, with your prayers, and with the support of grassroots Texans statewide, we won the debate.  The bill - with my amendment - passed and is one step closer to law. Unfortunately, the fight is not over: the House refused to concur with my amendment, and the bill is headed to a conference committee.

Last night Senator Huffines joined The Wells Report to talk about my amendment and open carry in Texas.  Click here to listen to their discussion about 2nd Amendment rights.

Thank you for keeping up with Senator Huffines through the 84th Legislative Session and I look forward to talking with you soon!

Matt Langston


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