In Support of Traditional Marriage - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


In Support of Traditional Marriage

As a legislator, I am guided by my convictions that marriage is a bond between one man and one woman, and in the sanctity of human life. These values are informed by my Roman Catholic faith. I believe that children need and deserve both a father and a mother in their lives. The union of man and woman is a special one because it can lead to the birth of children, and deserves special protection and consideration by society. I also believe that life begins at conception, and have been a long-time and proud supporter of pro-life causes. Furthermore, it is my firm belief that the First Amendment protects the rights of Americans to peacefully practice their religion according to the dictates of their conscience, and without government interference.


This is why I am very disappointed by the actions taken by the U.S. Supreme Court.  There is nothing more important than traditional families.  It is where we have the ministry of our health, our education, our virtues, and our character development.  I remain a firm believer in traditional marriage. 

Texans have amended our state constitution to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman, and Washington, DC should respect the voice of our people. I will continue to fight to protect our religious liberties from encroachment by overzealous activists. It was an honor to join the coalition of legislators who passed Senate Bill 2065, the Pastor Protection Act. In fact, I co-authored the bill, which will defend the First Amendment religious liberty of churches and clergy by allowing them to refuse to participate in a marriage ceremony that violates their sincerely held religious beliefs. I also enthusiastically signed my name to Senate Resolution 1028, affirming that the institution of marriage is a union of one man and one woman.

For thousands of years, one man and one woman uniting in holy matrimony has served as the bedrock of our civilization. However, traditional marriage is now in jeopardy thanks to the short-sighted and impulsive decision of 5 out of 9 lawyers in Washington, D.C.

With your prayers, I will continue fighting for traditional marriage and religious liberty in your Texas Senate.


          The Supreme Court’s “decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court. The opinion in these cases is the furthest extension in fact… of the Court’s claimed power to create 'liberties' that the Constitution and its Amendments neglect to mention.”

          Justice Antonin Scalia, dissent in Obergefell 

          The result is a moment of profound moral incoherence in which understandings of human nature and human happiness that have stood the test of experience for millennia are being discarded as mere rubbish – and those who resist trashing the moral patrimony of humanity are dismissed as irrational bigots, religious fanatics, or both.

          George Weigel, Ethics & Public Policy Center

          For marriage policy to serve the common good it must reflect the truth that marriage unites a man and a woman as husband and wife so that children will have both a mother and a father. Marriage is based on the anthropological truth that men and woman are distinct and complementary, the biological fact that reproduction depends on a man and a woman, and the social reality that children deserve a mother and a father 

          Ryan T. Anderson, The Heritage Foundation

          If God and tradition no longer define anything, the Constitution is what five lawyers say it is, and man now places self-will ahead of obedience to any deity except ego, what are the limits in this ruling and how are we going to define them?

          Newt Gingrich, in The Federalist


In case you missed it, I was a guest on Inside Texas Politics this week in support of traditional marriage.  I focused on how the Supreme Court made an impulsive and short-sighted decision that will impact people of faith across our nation.  We are tired of the Federal Government infringing on Texans' definition of traditional marriage, and we must push back.

I stressed that the Supreme Court did a good job -- of shredding the state constitution.  In 2005, Texas voters supported traditional marriage 3-1.  


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