Issues - Don Huffines for Texas Senate



Term Limits

I fully support term limits, and my commitment to voters is to serve no more than three terms. When term limits are in place, the state legislature will be more responsible with legislation, because after serving their constituents in Austin, they will have to live under the laws they have created while in office.

Illegal immigration/Border Security

It is the federal government’s responsibility for securing the US border. However, because they have not done their job, as a border state, Texans must hold the federal government accountable.

I will send an invoice to Washington for the education, healthcare, and incarceration expenses that illegal immigration costs Texans. Texas should not be financially penalized because the federal government refuses to do their job.

I will also end magnets that attract illegal immigrants to our state.

Taxes and Fees

Government should live within its means and be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money. I pledge to voters that I will never vote to increase taxes or fees. I will work to find every tax dollar that is wasted on unnecessary fees and to eliminate taxes that do nothing more than expand the role of government.


I oppose a national healthcare system. We need to let doctors and healthcare professionals do their job and treat patients instead of worrying about government mandates. We need to let the free market work to develop medical innovations and treatments.


Texas does not have a revenue problem but a spending problem. From fiscal year 1990 to 2010, our revenue grew by 270.3%, faster than both inflation at 66.8% and population growth at 48%. Government regulation and increased taxes destroy the job market and slows our economy. We need to reduce unnecessary fees, remove duplicative government services, and stop stifling individuals and businesses with government regulations.

The business tax needs to be repealed immediately. Texans should be able to keep more of their hard earned money. And the private industry should be able to create jobs and grow the economy without the bureaucratic red tape of government.


I want our state highway system to be the best in the nation. Funding our roads is not a revenue issue; it is a spending prioritization issue.  

Despite Texas’ sufficient budget surplus some legislators are continuously advocating for the expansion of toll roads and a hike in taxes to cover the cost of our state’s infrastructure.  I absolutely oppose the expansion of toll roads and raising taxes to cover further costs.  


I want to ensure that every child in Texas has the best education possible.  I believe that no one knows better for his or her child than parents and families. While the Texas Constitution does provide for public education, kids are served best when parents have choices in education. I support families making the best decision regarding their children’s education and keeping the state out of the process as best as possible. As a father of five, I understand the difficult decisions that parents face. I support broadening the options available for families by making our public schools more competitive, capping the salaries of school administrators, expanding charter schools, and empowering both parents and teachers with choices.

Second Amendment

I strongly believe in the right to bear arms. It is an individual’s right to own, purchase, possess, and use firearms. I grew up with many traditional Texas values like hunting, fishing, and spending time in the outdoors. Hunting is just one example of a proper place and function for firearms. I thoroughly enjoy many shooting sports and hunting.  I encourage others to participate also.  Why should government make it harder for law abiding, safe, and responsible outdoors men to acquire or use firearms? There are no individuals that values or appreciates the second amendment as much as we Texans do. I will always defend and protect the 2nd Amendment.

Pro-Life / Pro-Family

As father of five children and husband to my wife, Mary Catherine, for over twenty-six years; I can't emphasize enough my belief for traditional family values.  The marital commitment of a man and a woman is the foundation of our society. The family is where we learn to be responsible, virtuous citizens.   In today's world, there are so many things pulling on us that it is easy to lose sight of what is most important: God and the family. Despite the modern challenges presented to us, we should not sacrifice the values of our parents and grandparents. Because of my deep rooted belief in the family and faith, I am firmly pro-life and believe life begins at conception and ends at natural death.


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