1. Keep Texas Men & Women on the Border by Fully Funding Border Security
  • The federal government has almost exclusive constitutional jurisdiction over international borders that handcuffs Texas in our efforts to assume the job the federal government won’t do: securing the border. Still, the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Military Forces, and other agencies, have a defined role in border security, and it must be fully funded. While securing our border is an absolute top priority, no dollar spent by government should go without scrutiny. Texas’ border security spending should be closely monitored, and should be as transparent as possible without sacrificing the mission or putting our men and women in harm’s way. We also need a full and complete cost accounting so we can understand the financial burdens that taxpayers bear because of illegal immigration, including one of the most significant costs: free public education.
2. Expand the Mission by Authorizing Arrest Authority
  • While border security remains a top priority for state government (because of the federal failure to act), Texas is severely limited by the federal government and the courts. As we increase funding for border security, we must begin to push the envelope to expand the mission of our men and women of law enforcement by empoweringthem to act when they are sent to the border. That includes giving Texas law enforcement additional authority to arrest individuals who have crossed the border illegally. Additional funding is important, butto ensure that it isbeing spent effectively and efficiently, we must give Texans more authority to directly address the challenges that the federal government cannot or will not take on. The federal government isn’t doing the job, but it won’t let Texas do it either. It’s time to stop asking permission and start taking decisive action.
3. End Sanctuary Policies
  • It is worse than unacceptable that some levels of government willfully ignore immigration laws. It’s dangerous. Sanctuary policies of cities, counties, and even universities must end so that safe haven is no longer offered to those who break our laws and cost taxpayers their hard-earned money.
4. Expand the Use of E-Verify to Stop the Jobs Magnet
  • A number of states have strong E-Verify requirements that empower employers with the necessary tools to ensure they are hiring citizens or legal residents and not illegal immigrants, in compliance with federal labor laws. It’s time that Texas expand the use of E-Verify so the prospect of a job no longer attracts illegal immigrants to our state. At a minimum, all businesses that receive any form of tax incentive, subsidy, or abatement should be required to use E-Verify.
5. Reject Refugees from Countries with Terror Ties
  • We simply cannot trust the federal government’s current screening process for refugees who are coming to our shores from nations with ties to terrorism.We must place a moratorium on refugee resettlement until screening is improved and the entire refugee program is updated to keep Texans safe. Texans have big hearts, and we give generously. However, the international refugee crisis presents very real threats for Texans, and too many opportunities exist for radical Islamic extremists to exploit our generosity.