My Response to the Mayors of Senate District 16 - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


My Response to the Mayors of Senate District 16


May 9, 2015

Mr. Tom Benning
The Dallas Morning News
508 Young St.
Dallas, TX 75202; @tombenning

Mr. Benning,

Thank you for your assistance with scheduling appointments for my Senate office. As a public servant, I require the help and input of many people, including my constituents and local media. You are far more efficient than the U.S. Postal Service. In fact, you published the letter from the Senate District 16 mayors before I even received it.

I respectfully request your assistance in very promptly scheduling a meeting with the outstanding mayors of the communities within Senate District 16. Given the pressing business of the Texas Senate, I will be unable to meet with the mayors in the Dallas area, but I urge them to come to Austin at their earliest convenience, on a day and time of their choosing. In fact, I hope this meeting can happen this week. We can meet and then share a lunch or dinner.

As I have said in the past, local control is not a blank check. I am blessed to represent Senate District 16, where the local leaders make a good faith effort to respect the necessary balance between state laws and local control. My efforts are aimed at reining-in stringent regulations that undermine or contradict state laws. The rule of law must be vigorously defended.

I look forward to continuing to have a productive and constructive dialogue with all of the local leaders within Senate District 16. Of course, these esteemed mayors know that I have an open door policy for meeting with local leaders and constituents alike.

Again, because the mayors communicated with you before contacting me, I respectfully ask that you facilitate a meeting with these mayors – in Austin – this week.


Thank you. In liberty,

Senator Don Huffines

Senate District 16 - Dallas 


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