One Year Later - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


One Year Later

Since you elected me to represent you as your state Senator, I have worked tirelessly to do as I promised.  Exactly one year ago today, I was sworn in as your state Senator and I have continued to promote freedom and liberty for you, the hard-working citizens of Texas.  I'm proud of what I have accomplished over the last 365 days, and I am honored to have played a role in one of the most conservative sessions in Texas Legislative history. 

I am deeply grateful to receive these honors and recognitions from such stellar conservative groups. These groups have each played an important role in making Texas an economic powerhouse and a bastion for liberty, prosperity, and virtue. We have proof that the Texas model of free enterprise, liberty, and traditional values works: our state remains a leader in job creation and innovation and our population continues to grow. It is an honor to be recognized by each of these conservative organizations who are trying to keep Texas virtuous and at the forefront of economic liberty.  


Last session, the Legislature made historic strides in enhancing our transportation system by adding funding to our roads without raising taxes, bringing Open Carry to Texas, and relieving the tax burden on Texans.  But I will not rest on my laurels. With each of these historic victories, more work remains to be done.

We will continue to remain hard at work to:

- Reduce Taxes
- Secure the Border
- Empower Parents with School Choice through Education Savings Accounts
- Promote Free Market Policies & Limit Regulations
- Eliminate Burdensome Licenses or Fees
- Institute Term Limits for Elected Office Holders
- End Red Light Cameras
- Reform Texas’ Criminal Justice System
- Ethic reform (As your true public servant I have elected not to receive the state salary, pension, and health care plan.)
- …and achieve many other efforts to advance liberty and promote traditional values!


Over the next year, my staff and I will provide each of you the representation you deserve in Austin.  I will fight to secure additional funding for our roads without raising taxes, further advance our Second Amendment rights, phase-out the costly & complicated margins tax on Texas businesses, keep Texas a virtuous state, and limit government in every possible way.  Government is not the answer to every problem or challenge. I believe, as Texans, we will fully realize our potential once individuals and groups of individuals are allowed to band together to solve an issue without turning to government for a new law, regulation, or tax. To fully experience liberty, we must have a virtuous society.


After one year as your public servant, I can confidently say that I have kept my promises and I will keep fighting for you, the liberty loving residents of Senate District 16.  Big or small, on every issue, I will always fight for liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government. 


Thank you for your constant support and for staying up to date with the Texas Legislature! Your feedback helps inform my service in the Texas Senate, and helps make me a better public servant. 


Saurabh Sharma just joined.