Please Join Us For A Discussion On Local Control And The Role Of Government - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Please Join Us For A Discussion On Local Control And The Role Of Government

Hello Patriots!

I hope you will join me in Irving on September 22 for a Town Hall meeting on the topic of local control and the role of government. It is imperative that Texas strike a balance between local control and liberty. 


My September 22 meeting is the first in a series of events that will be a new take on the traditional Town Hall meeting. Each of my upcoming Town Hall meetings will focus on a priority policy issue, and will feature invited guest speakers who will share their expertise. Of course, you are still welcome to ask any questions you like during the question & answer portion of the event. Remember - I work for you, the hard-working, liberty-loving residents of Senate District 16. 

Please join me in Irving on September 22, and please mark your calendars for future Town Hall meetings on other priority policy topics. 

Town Hall Schedule
  • September 22 - Irving - Local Control & the Role of Government
  • October 7 - University Park - Repealing the Margins Tax
  • October 27 - Rowlett - Continuing to Make Transportation a Priority
  • November 11 - Education
  • More information on each of these events will be posted soon. 
I hope you will attend any or all of these events to learn about the issues, share with me your thoughts on these policy goals, and to ask any other questions on any topics you like. 


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