RELEASE: Senator Huffines Advocates for Constitutional Carry - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Advocates for Constitutional Carry

Senate Bill 17 is a Move in the Right Direction but Texans Deserve More.

Austin- Senator Don Huffines took to the Senate floor yesterday to take a stand in favor of Constitutional Carry.

The Senate considered Senate Bill 17 yesterday and voted in favor of the bill today, which would allow concealed handgun licensees to carry their weapons openly and holstered. Senator Huffines voted in favor of SB 17, but emphasized in his floor remarks that Texas ought to go farther:

"Texans deserve to have their Constitutional Rights protected," said Senator Huffines. "Government's goal should not be to infringe on the freedoms and liberties of its citizens. Our Constitutional Rights are given by God, and should never be taken away by man or a piece of paper. Senate Bill 17 is a move in the right direction, and I will support it. But Texas can do better. Texas is one of a couple of states whose 2nd Amendment rights are limited like California, Illinois, and New York. Constitutional Carry would put Texas at the forefront of protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. This is about restoring our God-given rights, and advancing liberty for all Texans. Texans are not charged a fee for the 1st Amendment, and Texans shouldn’t be charged a fee for the 2nd Amendment."

Senator Huffines thanks Senator Craig Estes for his hard work on advancing Senate Bill 17, but firmly believes Constitutional Carry is the best way to advance our 2nd Amendment liberties.

You can find Senator Huffines' statement by clicking here.


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