Senator Huffines Files Legislation to Advance Liberty and Limit Government - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Files Legislation to Advance Liberty and Limit Government

Files bills to remove big government policies from Texans' lives.

Austin- Texas State Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) has filed legislation that will help reduce government and provide economic freedom to Texans.

SB 1180 reforms the Sunset Advisory Commission to refocus the body on its intended purpose, which is to reduce and prevent government waste by eliminating or consolidating state agencies.  SB 1180 will add three additional appointees from the general public. The bill will redefine the purpose of the Sunset Advisory Commission and make other reforms to refocus it on state agency abolition, consolidation, and cost savings. 

SB 1181 lays the foundation for consolidating noncommercial hunting and fishing licenses into one master license to make hunting and fishing easier for Texans to enjoy. It should be easier to obtain the license for the participant, and it must be easier and more efficient to manage for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. 

SB 1185 studies the effects of occupational licenses on job seekers in regulated industries.  This study will show which licenses are the most overbearing and unnecessary in the state.  The results will help lead Texas to greater economic freedom by removing unnecessary barriers to work.

SB 1675 limits the annual vehicle safety inspection requirement.  This will benefit many millions of Texans by removing an otherwise unnecessary tax.  The bill will lead to a phase-out of the inspection requirement, which has no proven impact on the safety of our roads. This is a tax cut that will save Texans money and time. 

"Texas has been a model of limited government for years, but we still have room for improvement," said Senator Huffines.  "Texas still has some onerous rules and regulations that infringe on the freedoms of the great citizens of Texas, and we must fight to repeal them.  These bills will help reduce the size of state government, promote efficiency, and reform how our government works, while promoting liberty and economic freedom.  We must foster more free market approaches and advance liberty to all Texans."


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