Remember to RSVP for our two upcoming Town Hall Discussions! - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Remember to RSVP for our two upcoming Town Hall Discussions!

Please remember to attend our upcoming Town Hall Discussions tomorrow and on October 7th!


Our Town Hall Discussion about the need to balance local control and liberty is tomorrow.  We will have limited seating so please RSVP today to attend my September 22 Town Hall Meeting.  

Tomorrow's event will be a great discussion into the intricacies of local control and the role of government with leaders from our communities. It is imperative that Texas strike a balance between local control and liberty.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it tomorrow!
Next, we will be hosting a Town Hall Discussion on October 7th.  This discussion will focus on the importance of phasing-out the margins tax on Texas businesses.  Again, we will have a limited number of seats available, so please RSVP  today for the October 7 Town Hall Meeting!

We took great steps in reducing the burden of the Texas margins tax during the 84th Legislative Session, but I have and will always fight for the phase-out of this job-killing tax.  This upcoming discussion will focus on how Texas can create one of the best business tax climates and continue to promote economic liberty.  This will be a discussion that you will not want to miss.  Please RSVP today

Of course, you are still welcome to ask any questions you like during the question & answer portion of the event. Remember - I work for you, the hard-working, liberty-loving residents of Senate District 16. 


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