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Restoring Your Rights

I can proudly say I have kept my promise to advance liberty for all Texans.  I have been hard at work to promote limited government and freedom throughout the state of Texas.  The Senate has made historic strides this legislative session in enhancing our transportation system, restoring our 2nd Amendment rights, and relieving the tax burden on Texans.  But there is room for improvement.  My package of legislation will limit government, promote transparency and efficiency, and enhance liberty.

Senate Bill 62:  The Costs of Illegal Immigration
Texas must secure the border.  The safety of Texas families and the rule of law must come first.  The federal government has refused to act and it has come at a significant cost to Texans.  That is why I have filed SB 62, which will require the Texas Comptroller to account for the costs Texas bears with illegal immigration.  This will help provide greater transparency and accountability.  It is a rational solution that will help uphold the rule of law, and protect Texas families.  

Senate Bill 1182: Limiting Toll Roads
In November, Proposition 1 was passed by an overwhelming margin.  Texans showed that they are tired of toll roads, and are ready for proper infrastructure funding.  On top of that, Texans are tired of being taxed twice on tolls roads: once to build them, and again to use them.  With the passage of SJR 43 and SB 1182, the state's primary construction and maintenance account will be used on roads that all Texans can enjoy without double taxation.  Texas must fully fund our roads, but additional taxes, fees, and tolls are not the answer. 

Senate Bill 1185: Study to Remove Burdensome Occupational Licenses
Too often, an occupational license is little more than a hindrance to a hard working individual's access to a job.  SB 1185 will require the Texas Workforce Commission to conduct a biennial study and report on the effects of occupational licensing on the state’s employment rate and growth.  This study will help us weed out the most overbearing and unnecessary licensing requirements currently in place.  It will uncover the extent to which certain licensing regulations are preventing healthy competition in a free market, which will enable many hardworking Texans to have easier access to a job without seeking government permission to go to work.

Senate Bill 1675: Repeal of mandatory motor vehicle inspections.
Onerous taxes and fees have burdened Texans for too long.  SB 1675 phases out the need for Texans to get their annual vehicle safety inspection sticker.  This will benefit at least 22.6 million Texans every year who own and drive a passenger vehicle.  The Texas Vehicle Inspection Sticker is an unnecessary tax on Texans.  If other states across the U.S. are able to thrive without it, so can Texas.  SB 1675 will be the beginning of the end of this $200 million annual tax on Texan's money and time.

Senate Bill 1684: CHL for First Responders
SB 1684 empowers our first responders, volunteer or professional, to carry a concealed firearm during the execution of their duties by obtaining a first responder designation on their concealed handgun licenses. This legislation prevents a governmental entity from adopting rules that stop a first responder from carrying on duty, but it also gives municipalities sensible liability protections. We need to give our first responders the rights on duty that they would normally have off-duty: to defend themselves from physical violence. They do dangerous jobs and are put in perilous situations; we owe it to these individuals to give them the tools of self-protection. 

Margins Tax Relief
As a business owner, I have dealt with the margins tax first-hand.  The margins tax kills jobs, dampens investment, and stalls prosperity.  It is past time that we get rid of this burdensome tax.  SB 7 by Senator Jane Nelson, which is a flat 15% decrease of the margins tax, is undoubtedly a step in the right direction and I'm proud that the Senate advanced this bill, as it will lead to a decrease in taxes for business owners. This is the beginning of the end of the margins tax, and I look forward to working with the Senate to cut the head off of this snake once and for all. 

Being a part of the Texas Legislature is a blessing.  The first part of the session has come and gone, and I remain determined to always fight for your Constitutional rights, as well as the freedoms and liberties you deserve.  I am proud to fight for all of these pieces of legislation, and more like them, to expand freedom and opportunity for Texans.


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