Rick Santorum Endorses Don Huffines - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Rick Santorum Endorses Don Huffines

Don Huffines campaign for Texas Senate District 16 is proud to announce the endorsement of Former United States Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum.


Don Huffines is someone voters can trust to do what is right and to keep his word. He is a man of unshakable faith, and he will not compromise our Republican values. We need more citizens like Don to step forward to run and serve in public office. I endorse Don Huffines and know that, if he is given the chance to serve as State Senator, he will be a dedicated representative for North Texas," said Senator Santorum.


Don Huffines believes in traditional family values. He and his wife, Mary Catherine, have raised their five children on those values. His family and faith are vital to his character. They have guided him into becoming a leader of integrity, and an advocate of freedom.


“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Senator Santorum. We both maintain strong traditionalist perspectives. Family, faith, and leadership are core values that I share with Senator Rick Santorum,” said Don, “I will be an advocate for true conservative principles down in Austin.”


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