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Secure the Border

As a Texan, I am proud of our historical links with Mexico and the Hispanic culture. Our culture and historic ties are inseparable. These ties expand beyond our shared history and traditions; Texans enjoy a unique relationship with Mexico that generates over eighty billion dollars of legitimate trade in our state's economy each year.


President Obama and the federal government must be held accountable for their constitutional responsibility to protect and secure our borders. We must ensure that the border agents are properly equipped with the resources they need to do their job. We must stop the illegal crossings and address the current problem within the state of Texas.

To personally witness this Obama Administration-made and endorsed mess, I will be traveling on Tuesday to the Mexican border with Texas DPS.

Border crossings between Mexico and Texas have become a humanitarian crisis with extremely long lines, sickness, disease, and violence. Now, our federal government in Washington, specifically President Obama and his fellow democrats, are promoting one of the most unsavory and despicable trades known to man: child trafficking.  President Obama should be held personally liable for this latest disaster that is unfolding on the Texas border.

President Obama is intentionally endorsing the human parasites who smuggle children into the USA and dump them over the Texas border, like trash.

This must stop now.

The 50,000 children today will be 500,000 children tomorrow. Is this Washington's goal? We must stop this horrible invasion, and send the illegal, undocumented aliens home immediately. Instead of amnesty, they should be granted emergency hearings within 24 hours, then deported to their home country the next day. These children must be back home with their mothers and fathers or immediate family in their own country. 

We must combine immediate deportation with an unprecedented surge of new immigration enforcement officers, unarmed, deputized and quickly trained! Once this program is underway, the tidal wave of children and illegals will dry up quickly.

We must stop this invasion, stop promoting child-trafficking, broken families, violence, and burdening Texas with these impossible generational problems.

Fellow patriot, you and I know there are principled, conservative solutions for our immigration problems, and I am headed to Austin to fight for their implementation.

In Liberty with Blessings always,


Don Huffines



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