Sen. Huffines Annouces Committee Appointments - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Sen. Huffines Annouces Committee Appointments

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Entrusts Senator Huffines with Addressing Major Issues & Developing Solutions to Key State Challenges


AUSTIN—The following statement is attributable to Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas):

"I am excited with the many opportunities that these committee appointments present, and I'm deeply grateful to Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick for entrusting me to help develop solutions to major state challenges. With these committee appointments, I am well-placed to continue my fight to advance liberty, prosperity, and virtues, ensuring that Texas' greatest days are yet to dawn."

"As Vice-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs & Border Security, I look forward to prioritizing border security to keep Texans safe. The incoming administration in Washington D.C. offers a promising outlook on border security. However, we've been let down by the federal government too many times, which is why border security will remain a top Texas priority until we see definitive proof that the federal government is taking real action to keep Texans safe. I'm also honored to have the opportunity to work with and for Texas' finest men and women: our veterans."

"Empowering Texas parents and students with education choice is a top state priority, which is why I'm pleased to serve on the Senate Committee on Education for the 85th Texas Legislature. We must end the monopoly public schools currently have and focus education more directly on parents and students instead of buildings and bureaucrats. There will also be many opportunities to reform and strengthen public schools, which is just another reason that I look forward to continue serving on this committee."

"I'm excited to serve on the Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Economic Development. It is an opportunity to keep Texas an economic powerhouse so future generations may enjoy even greater prosperity and economic liberty than we do today. Texas has been blessed with abundant natural resources, which is why our oil and gas economy is the envy of the nation, and even much of the world. I've been a businessman my whole life, and I understand it is imperative that we keep our economic engines running full power. There's no reason our state cannot provide every Texan the opportunity to have a job, support their family, and invest in a brighter future. We can also do an even better job of letting the free market work. It is time to move away from economic incentives. Texas should not be in the business of picking winners and losers or doling-out cash or special benefits to a select few."

"My service on the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations will allow me to continue my fight to improve the balance of power between the state and political subdivisions, ensuring that cities, counties, and special districts do not infringe on personal or economic liberty, and making sure they respect the rule of law and the will of the elected Texas Legislature."

"The Senate Committee on Administration, which sets the Local and Uncontested Calendar, presents not only an opportunity, but an obligation to pay attention to every detail to make sure that poorly vetted bills don't slip through the legislative process. I will be a watchdog to seek out and block any bill that increases taxes, fees, or regulations. I will closely scrutinize all 'local' bills to make sure they do not negatively impact liberty, prosperity, or virtues."


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