Sen. Huffines Fights To Protect Dallas Students & Taxpayers - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Sen. Huffines Fights To Protect Dallas Students & Taxpayers

SB 1122 will wind-down & abolish Dallas County Schools - a rogue bureaucracy that must end.


AUSTIN – To protect students, parents, schools, and taxpayers from a needless and dangerous bureaucracy, Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) filed Senate Bill 1122 , which creates an orderly and thoughtful wind-down of Dallas County Schools (DCS), followed by complete abolition. DCS is an antiquated county-wide school district that doesn't hire teachers or educate students. It is one of only two county-wide districts that continues to exist in Texas.

Senator Huffines stated, "Dallas County Schools is dangerous, unreliable, and fiscally reckless. This rogue bureaucracy is dangerous for students and a rip-off for taxpayers."

According to reporting by NBC 5 (KXAS), DCS bus drivers ran hundreds of red lights and paid the tickets with taxpayer dollars while holding no one accountable. The practice continued until the agency was publicly called-out by the media. According to NBC 5 reporting:

"…480 traffic citations have been issued to [DCS] school bus drivers since Jan. 1, 2014. In some cases bus drivers were even caught on camera running past other school buses that had their stop arms extended for loading or unloading students."
Senator Huffines stated, "Students and parents deserve better than DCS. When a child boards a school bus, parents should be able to trust that he or she will arrive at school safely and on time. This is a promise that DCS has broken repeatedly, and that's unacceptable. DCS has put students at risk, and for that, I am seeking to do right by students and parents by abolishing this dangerous bureaucracy."

Recently, DCS reported that it is facing a $42 million budget deficit. $30 million of that money - taxpayers' money - is missing. Board members claim to have been left in the dark about the dire state of the agency's finances. The bureaucracy may miss a payment on its $73.5 million of taxpayer-supported bond debt, raising questions about the potentially imminent collapse of the agency.

Senator Huffines concluded, "Student safety is my first priority, and taxpayer accountability is a very close second. DCS fails both tests. Students, parents, schools, and taxpayers deserve better, which is why I'm leading the effort for an orderly and thoughtful wind-down. Senate Bill 1122 will let us close the book on the ugly, dangerous, and wasteful history of DCS."


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