Sen. Huffines Files Bill To Eliminate 3 Dallas County Courts - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Sen. Huffines Files Bill To Eliminate 3 Dallas County Courts

By eliminating some unnecessary & under-utilized County Courts At Law, Senator Huffines' bill will improve justice while saving taxpayers' dollars


AUSTIN – Today in Austin, Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) filed Senate Bill 985, which will abolish three unnecessary and under-utilized county courts at law in Dallas County.

Senator Huffines stated, "Providing for a system of courts is a critical function of government that ensures justice is served. Taxpayers also deserve an efficient system of courts that serves the public well and without excess cost, bureaucracy, or administration."

Each County Court at Law costs approximately $500,000 annually to operate. Therefore, initial estimates indicate that Senator Huffines' SB 985 will save Dallas County taxpayers approximately $1.5 million annually. The workload in the three courts that would be eliminated would subsequently be split between the two remaining courts. Because 60 percent of each Judge’s salary is reimbursed to the County by the state, SB 985 will save the state taxpayers approximately $270,000 annually. According to reports on the Dallas County judicial system, the County's five County Courts at Law have seen a significant decline in demand since 2007:

County Courts at Law (5)

  Filings Dispositions Cases Pending
FY2015 5,534 6,310 4,855
FY2007 17,646 18,465 10,854
FY15/FY07 -69% -66% -54%

Senator Huffines stated, "After carefully reviewing caseload information and costs for the five current county courts at law in Dallas, I have come to the conclusion that three of those courts are no longer necessary. Justice can and will be served by the two remaining courts, and taxpayers will benefit from more efficient and less costly government."


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