Sen. Huffiles Files Congressional Term Limits Resolution - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Sen. Huffiles Files Congressional Term Limits Resolution

Seeks to "drain the swamp" & empower citizen leaders to be true public servants


AUSTIN – Today, Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) introduced a Term Limits Convention resolution, Senate Joint Resolution 40, that would allow Texas to work cooperatively with other states to pass an amendment imposing term limits on Congress.

Senator Huffines stated, "Washington, D.C. is full of self-serving career politicians who are more focused on catering to special interests than they are on doing what is right for our nation. Instead of adhering to the Constitution or fighting for liberty, career politicians are allowing a corrupt status quo to continue. Term limits will help 'drain the swamp'. There are so many intractable problems facing our nation, it is apparent that we need new public servants who can bring fresh ideas to the table. Term limits will help us get there."

Article V of the Constitution gives states the ability to bypass Congress and amend the U.S. Constitution by passing resolutions for a limited, issue-specific convention. At the proposed Term Limits Convention, all fifty states will send delegates to debate and propose a specific amendment on congressional term limits. Once the proposal is made, it comes back to the states to be ratified into the Constitution.

“Voters on all sides of the aisle know Washington is broken and it is time to change the way the system works. We applaud Sen. Huffines for his courage on supporting term limits for Congress,” said U.S. Term Limits Executive Director Nick Tomboulides.

Senator Huffines concluded, "Term limits will help draw leaders' focus to where it should be: on doing what is right for our nation, our taxpayers, and for future generations of Americans. With term limits on Congress, the outlook for liberty, prosperity, and virtues will be much brighter."


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