Sen. Huffines Prefiles Term Limits Bills

Senator Huffines makes the case that it's time to show career politicians the door.


AUSTIN – State Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) filed six pieces of legislation that will create term limits for all State Legislators, statewide elected officials, judges, and elected officials of political subdivisions.

“Voters are fed up with career politicians. The American electorate made this evident when it overwhelmingly voted Donald Trump, a man who has never before held elected office, into the highest office in our nation. People are tired of complacent politicians, will little-to-no real world experience, who only hear the voices of the special interest and not the cries of their constituents. There has never been a better time to implement term limits in Texas so we can rid our state of self-serving politicians.”

SJR 10 limits service in the Texas Legislature, for both Senators and Representatives, to six legislative sessions, and SJR 11 limits statewide elected officials to two terms in office. These limits keep office holders from becoming complacent and ensure there will always be fresh ideas in Austin.

SJR 12 and the corresponding bill, SB 109, require the Supreme Court of Texas, in consultation with the Court of Criminal Appeals, to create term limits, which cannot exceed 18 years, for all elected judges.

SJR 13 requires all political subdivisions of the state that are governed by elected officials to set term limits. The enacting legislation, SB 110 permits these political subdivisions to set their own term limits, so long as they do not exceed 12 years. Term limits at our local levels of government, which have already been implemented in several of our state’s largest cities, will give more people the opportunity to get involved in government and have a voice in their community.

“Texans deserve representatives, at every level of government, whose top priority is doing what is best for Texas, not what is best for re-election. As the employee of my constituents in Senate District 16, I will fight to get term limits on the ballot in November 2017, so Texans can truly have their voices heard.”


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