Senator Huffines Co-Authors Senate Bill 6 - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Co-Authors Senate Bill 6

Sen. Huffines points out SB 6 is reasonably drafted to directly address a very real and specific problem


AUSTIN – Senator Don Huffines today announced his support for Senate Bill 6, signing on to the bill as a co-author. The following statement is attributable to Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas):

“Senate Bill 6 is reasonably written to address a problem that President Barack Obama created when he required every public school in Texas, and across the nation, to allow boys into girls restrooms and locker rooms. I was taken aback by not only the total disregard for common sense and safety, but also by the sheer arrogance and audacity of his unilateral, dictatorial mandate.
"Addressing this mandate has understandably sparked controversy due to the sensitive and personal nature of the issue at hand. That controversy has been exacerbated by a media with an agenda and businesses that would rather play social politics than safeguard their shareholders' fiscal interests.

"I am particularly disappointed in the political decision of the business community to weigh in so forcefully against a bill that has no direct bearing on them whatsoever. Texas is not North Carolina, and Senate Bill 6 is not the 'North Carolina bill.' If Texas were its own county, we would have the 11th largest economy in the world. Over the past two decades, elected leaders have worked diligently and made difficult decisions to keep taxes low, regulations limited, sensible, and fair, and to make our judicial system one of the best in the nation. Yet we're not satisfied to rest on the laurels of our past success, either. As long as I am in the Texas Legislature, I will continue to fight to improve Texas' business climate by cutting taxes, reducing regulations, and advancing free markets and economic liberty. If a business chooses to leave Texas for sociopolitical reasons that have no impact whatsoever on them, they will do so in the full knowledge that shareholders and customers will blame their politicization of this issue, not the Legislature’s common sense, well-reasoned policy proposal on a serious issue.

"I challenge every Texan - the general public, members of the media, and corporate leaders - to actually read Senate Bill 6. Put down the inaccurate reports, and disregard the sky-is-falling rhetoric. Actually read the bill and think critically about it. Specifically as this problem relates to public schools, we must ask ourselves if Texas will become a state where our children are forced to confront this serious, adult topic long before they can even truly appreciate and comprehend their God-given gender. I say no, and I draw the line when this radical social engineering extends to the children in Texas public schools.

"As it relates to the bathroom of choice for transgendered adults, I belive it to be a sensitive and deeply personal issue that should be resolved through individual good will. People can and will solve this problem better than government can or will. It's unfortunate that the government has to step in to defend our children in the first place, but we will do so unapologetically."


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