Senator Huffines Condemns President Obama’s Executive Order on Gun Control - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Condemns President Obama’s Executive Order on Gun Control

Pledges to Continue to Defend The Second Amendment.


DALLAS, TX – Texas State Senator Don Huffines (SD 16 – R) released the following statement following President Obama announcement that he will enact stricter gun control laws with or without Congress’ support. 


“With today’s Executive Order announcement, President Obama has demonstrated a renewed disregard for the Constitution by ignoring two foundational tenants of our nation. 


“First, President Obama is willing to shred the Second Amendment by trying to enact stricter gun control laws across the nation. This is an egregious attack on our God-given, Constitutionally-protected right to protect ourselves and our families, and it grows government’s power over the people while limiting liberty.


“Secondly, the process of President Obama’s Executive Order is arguably worse than the substance. This gun control power grab is the latest in a worrying but frequent trend in which the President shows a reckless and dangerous disregard for the Constitutional limits on his office. This is the latest of many examples in which President Obama has decided to move around the checks and balances set in place by our forefathers.  


“Despite President Obama’s best efforts, the Second Amendment is alive and well in Texas, and I will not back down from this debate. I will continue to work to restore our Second Amendment rights by further limiting government and restoring liberty.  I strongly urge President Obama: adhere to the Constitution, respect the Second Amendment, and don’t mess with Texas!”


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