Senator Huffines Files Bill To Expand Arrest Authority At The Border - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Files Bill To Expand Arrest Authority At The Border

Senate Bill 280 will empower Texas law enforcement with more authority to keep Texans safe


Austin – To uphold his obligation to keep Texans safe, Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) has filed Senate Bill 280 that makes the act of being unlawfully present in the United States a crime under Texas’ criminal trespass statute. The bill will give the men and women of Texas law enforcement another tool in their existing and continuing border security mission, expanding the mission to keep Texans safe.

The following statement is attributable to Senator Huffines:

“Time and again the federal government has refused to do its job of securing the border and keeping Texans safe. When our Southern border is left unsecured Texans are exposed to danger. There are many promising changes coming to Washington, D.C., but we have been let down by the federal government too many times. Until the new administration acts, and until the Texas border with Mexico is secure, we will continue to step up to keep Texans safe.

“I applaud Governor Abbott for the action he took regarding the federal refugee resettlement program, and the bill I filed to codify that action, SB 260, is one very important step in the right direction. The next step is to expand the mission of our men and women on the border by giving them the authority they need to arrest, detain, and charge individuals who cross our Southern border illegally. It is an embarrassment that our federal government ties the hands of our highly trained and capable law enforcement and military personnel, who are too often limited to making a phone call when they see someone crossing the border illegally, only to hope that a federal official shows up in a timely manner. Through no fault of their own, our law enforcement personnel are held back by the federal government, and that's unacceptable.

“We must also take every opportunity to learn the lessons of Arizona's 2010 immigration law. Texas is a sovereign state with the power to enforce our own laws. Expanding criminal trespass to encompass being in our state unlawfully empowers our law enforcement officers with another tool in their fight against illegal immigration, giving our men and women on the border more authority to act to keep Texans safe.”


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