Senator Huffines Files Bill To Quantify Costs Of Illegal Immigration To Texas Taxpayers - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Files Bill To Quantify Costs Of Illegal Immigration To Texas Taxpayers

From education, to health care, to criminal justice and more, Texas taxpayers deserve to know how much illegal immigration costs them.


AUSTIN – As the Texas Senate prepares to debate and pass legislation to prohibit sanctuary policies by local governments - an early-action priority shared by Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick - Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) filed SB 764 to require a detailed accounting of how much money illegal immigrants cost Texas taxpayers. Estimates indicate that costs to Texas taxpayers amount to billions of dollars annually. SB 764 will determine exactly what those costs are.

Senator Huffines stated, "Senate Bill 4 is a top priority to keep Texans safe. I hope the Texas Senate will closely follow it with SB 764, which complements SB 4 by looking out for the best interests of Texas taxpayers." SB 764 will require a thorough accounting of taxpayers' expenditures related to illegal immigration with detailed reporting on what taxpayers pay for education, health care, incarceration, and border security and law enforcement.

Senator Huffines stated, "The federal government ties taxpayers' hands on illegal immigration: they won't secure the border, yet they require us to pay education costs, health care costs, jail costs, and public safety costs. This failure has been greatly exacerbated by Supreme Court decisions like Plyler v. Doe and federal legislation like EMTALA, both unfunded mandates which led to even steeper costs for Texas taxpayers. While the Trump Administration offers a positive outlook for securing the border, Texans continue to pay for an illegal immigration problem that dates back decades."

Similar legislation by Senator Huffines - Senate Bill 62 - passed the Texas Senate in the 84th Texas Legislature (2015).

Senator Huffines concluded, "Texans deserve a formalized and ongoing process by which we can account for the costs taxpayers bear as a result of the federal government's failures to secure the border and to provide for a functioning system of legal immigration. This report will arm state legislators and voters with valuable information we can use to protect taxpayers. Taxpayers are sick and tired of footing the bill for the failures of the federal government. SB 764 will lay the foundation for us to right those many years of costly wrongs against Texas taxpayers."


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