Senator Huffines Helps Lead Ethics Reform Fight - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Helps Lead Ethics Reform Fight

As a Joint Author to Senate Bill 14, Huffines works to bring integrity & respect back to public service


AUSTIN – Noting that President Donald Trump’s election and swearing-in have drawn a renewed and much-needed focus on stopping entrenched, self-serving politicians, Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) has Joint Authored Senate Bill 14 to strengthen Texas’ ethics laws so citizen leaders are true public servants instead of a self-centered, insider political class.

Senator Huffines stated, “Senate Bill 14 gives us the opportunity to reform and strengthen Texas’ ethics laws to shine sunlight on insider deals and reprehensible political practices. The people of Texas are tired of self-serving politicians who cater to well-connected interest groups and powerful lobbyists instead of doing what's best for Texas and Texans.”

Senate Bill 14 cuts off the pension for politicians who are convicted of a felony, calls on politicians to disclose any contracts they have with government entities, increases transparency on the food and beverage expenditures made by lobbyists, and closes the revolving door of the former legislator turned lobbyist.

Senator Huffines stated, “Texans have caught on to the politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists in Austin. Senate Bill 14 levels the playing field so real Texans can have their needs met by citizen leaders. By shining a light and ending political games, we’re going to create a brighter future for millions of hard working, taxpaying Texans.”

As a public servant, Senator Huffines forgoes his salary, per diem, and all benefits like health care or the legislative pension. By not accepting a single dollar from state government, Senator Huffines remains ever mindful that he works for the people of Senate District 16 and all of Texas. In addition to the ethics reforms in Senate Bill 14, Senator Huffines is also the Legislautre’s leading proponent for term limits. He has filed joint resolutions and bills to enact term limits for all state and local elected officials and judges. See: SJR 10, SJR 11, SJR 12, SJR 13, SB 109, and SB 110.

Senator Huffines concluded, “Ethics reform is a top priority for Texas. When our leaders focus more on the people who elected them and what's best for Texas, then we know that Texas’ brightest days are yet to dawn.”


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