Senator Huffines Keeps his Transportation Promises - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Keeps his Transportation Promises

Files legislation to properly fund roads, unburden Texans from double taxation

Austin- Senator Don Huffines (R- SD 16) is keeping his promises to the residents of Senate District 16 by filing bills and advocating for legislation that will enhance Texas' transportation system.  The Texas Senate has taken steps forward, but more funding must be added to meet demands.  This package of legislation will help provide Texans with the 22nd Century roads they deserve, unburden Texans from double taxation, promote transparency and efficiency, and advance liberty.

You can find more information about these previously announced transportation bills by clicking the following links:  SB 61SB 341SB1184, and SB 1340.

Senate Bill 1182 will significantly limit toll roads.  In November, Proposition 1 was passed by an overwhelming margin.  Texans showed that they are tired of toll roads, and are ready for proper infrastructure funding.  On top of that, Texans are tired of being taxed twice on tolls roads: once to build them, and again to use them.  With the passage of SJR 43 and SB 1182, the state's primary construction and maintenance account will be used on roads that all Texans can enjoy without double taxation.  

Senate Bill 1606 requires greater use of the design-build method used by TxDOT to design and build roads.  The design-build process is a cost-saving, timesaving measure, as they usually get Texans moving 1-10 months ahead of schedule.  The private sector is leaner, faster, and more efficient than state government, so TxDOT should make greater use of the benefits the private sector can bring to the table.

Senate Bill 1607 requires TxDOT to designate a five-year signature transportation project.  There are many existing roadways and highways that need attention. TxDOT can and should address the improvements on these highly traveled roadways that connect our great cities.  As we reprioritize existing revenues to road construction, Texans deserve to know that their tax dollars are being spent on a project that benefits all Texans, and a signature project by TxDOT would deliver exactly that.

Senate Bill 1674 extends the improvements made by the LBJ Express project on I-635 East expansion approximately 10.8 miles further eastward to I-30.  This is a priority for Senate District 16, and I’m working closely with other Dallas-area leaders to deliver this much-needed improvement.

Senate Bill 1675 will phase-out the annual vehicle safety inspection requirement.  This will benefit 22.6 million Texans by removing an otherwise unnecessary tax.  There are well-researched academic studies from many other states that indicate vehicle inspections have little to no relationship to road safety.  This is a tax cut that will save Texans over $300 million annually and time.

"Because of our rich history, our natural resources, and our focus on liberty and economic freedom, Texas will continue to be a great place to live," said Senator Huffines.  "But I will fight tirelessly to make it even better.  As Vice-Chair of the Transportation Committee, I will continue to focus on fixing our transportation system.  After years of neglecting to fund our roads, we have taken strides in the right direction this Legislative Session, but we can and must do more.  We must add two to three times the additional funding that is in Senate Bill 5 if we want to fully fund our roads without toll roads.  These bills will help get Texans the 22nd Century roads they deserve, and we will keep pushing these throughout session."


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