Senator Huffines Passes Education Savings Account Study - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Passes Education Savings Account Study

SB 1178 will begin the process to empower parents & give school choice to those who need it most.


Austin- State Senator Don Huffines (R - SD 16) passed SB 1178 in the Senate, which charges the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to conduct a study on implementing an education savings account (ESA) program.  ESAs empower parents with school choice options and educational opportunities, and have now been adopted in four states, including Arizona (2011), Florida (2014), Mississippi (2015) and Tennessee (2015).

"Texas' current model of one-size fits all education is antiquated, and the Texas Senate has taken great strides this session to do more for our students and parents, as well as taxpayers and faculty.  But we must continue to further empower parents to make the education decisions that make sense for them and their child." said Senator Huffines. "This study of education savings account programs is another step the legislature must take to meet Texans' demands for greater opportunities, and empowering parents to be consumers on behalf of their children.  Public schools will always be at the center of education in Texas, but they must not have a monopoly, and this study will let us know the true value of ESA programs." 

ESAs are:

  • Education savings accounts (ESA) are an innovative way to bring customization to K-12 education.
  • ESAs are a money-follows-the child model of school choice, but the innovation comes in the way a parent directs funding for their child’s educational expenses.
  • Parents are able to direct and customize their child’s funding for tuition, tutors, therapies, online classes, and other approved educational services of their choice. 
  • Parents are also able to save unused funds for higher education expenses.
  • By allowing parents to plan for their child’s unique needs, ESAs create a personal approach to education, where the ultimate goal is maximizing each child’s natural learning abilities. 
  • Learn more about ESAs at (video) to hear the stories of Arizona students Max Ashton and Jordan Visser. 


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