Senator Huffines Proclaims July 7 As Fallen Law Enforcement Officer Day - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Proclaims July 7 As Fallen Law Enforcement Officer Day

Senator Huffines unites entire Texas Senate to honor our fallen men and women of law enforcement


AUSTIN – To regularly remember and honor the lives of fallen law enforcement officers, Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) has filed Senate Bill 798, which would name July 7 as Fallen Law Enforcement Officer Day and call for ceremonies to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to the rule of law and liberty. All 31 state Senators have jointly authored Senate Bill 798.

Senator Huffines stated, "The men and women of Texas law enforcement are the best in the nation, and even the world. When one of our public servants doesn't make it home to his or her family, we owe them a perpetual debt of gratitude and remembrance. By pausing for a statewide remembrance each year on July 7, we will give our fallen law enforcement officers the prayerful respect and dignity that they so deserve."

Following the horrific events that transpired in Dallas, Texas on July 7, 2016, Senator Huffines felt obligated to do his part to make the public discourse on law enforcement and public service one that is much more positive.

Senator Huffines stated, "Law enforcement officers have an exceedingly difficult job. They work to keep the peace, uphold the rule of law, and serve in defense of our liberty. They must not be targeted, and they must not be subject to violence. Ever. Period. End of story. The men and women of law enforcement are our friends, our neighbors, and our community leaders. When a law enforcement officer loses her life, Texas will have her back."

In addition to the Dallas police murders, SB 798 is inspired by two other recent events. In 2015, a man brutally murdered a Harris County Sheriff Deputy. In November, 2016, a San Antonio police officer was targeted and murdered during a traffic stop. The Officer Down Memorial Page - a non-profit that is "dedicated to honoring America's fallen law enforcement heroes" - lists 1,886 line of duty deaths in the history of Texas.

Senator Huffines concluded, "Each year on July 7, while our gatherings with family and friends to celebrate our nation's independence are fresh in our memories, Texans should pause in prayer and remembrance for our fallen law enforcement officers."

Senator Huffines has also filed Senate Bill 15 which will give the surviving spouse of a fallen first responder property tax relief in the form of a total exemption.


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