Senator Huffines: Senate Bill 1184 Passes the Texas Senate - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senate Bill 1184 Passes the Texas Senate

Bringing proper oversight, accountability to Regional Mobility Authorities


Austin- State Senator Don Huffines' (R - Dallas) SB 1184, which makes Regional Mobility Authorities (RMAs) subject to additional oversight and accountability, passed the Texas Senate yesterday.  There are nine RMAs across the state of Texas, and they have authority over regional transportation plans as subsidiaries of TxDOT.  

SB 1184 will require the State Auditor to conduct a risk assessment on all nine RMAs; if anything problematic is found, the State Auditor could audit any or all of the RMAs.  A recent article in The Dallas Morning News gave new insight into how RMAs have spent billions of taxpayer dollars with little oversight.

“SB 1184 is a step in the right direction to bringing oversight and accountability to Regional Mobility Authorities,” said Senator Huffines. "All forms of government must have check and balances and making them subject to audit will give us a better understanding of how RMAs spend the funding they receive from taxpayer dollars.  This will help institute more efficient practices for RMAs, and will lead to greater transparency and oversight of transportation infrastructure spending.  I look forward to working with the Texas House to make these reforms happen.”


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