Senator Huffines Supports President Trump's Refugee Moratorium - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Senator Huffines Supports President Trump's Refugee Moratorium

The President has taken decisive action to keep Texans safe from radical Islamic terrorists.


AUSTIN – Following the weekend controversy over President Donald Trump's Executive Order on refugee resettlement, the following statement is attributable to Senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas):

"President Trump's Executive Order will keep Texans safe, which is why I strongly support his moratorium on refugee resettlement so the program can be significantly rebuilt and reworked. The federal refugee resettlement program is a relic of the Cold War, which ended more than 25 years ago. In today's world, with radical Islamic extremists attempting to kill Americans at every possible opportunity, we simply cannot take the risk of welcoming a terrorist who has posed as a refugee, or someone who is readily susceptible to being radicalized after they arrive in our country.

"I am deeply disappointed in the unhinged emotionalism that has governed some Americans' responses to the President's order. Protestors have a right to free speech, and I swore an oath to defend that right very seriously and at every opportunity. Still, with all of our rights come responsibilities, and that includes being civil in our discourse and well reasoned in our thinking and our actions. While the implementation of the order was flawed, the principles and ideas within it remain sound, particularly as they relate to keeping Texans safe from poorly screened refugees who might unleash terror against us and our families."

"Texans have big hearts, and we are a generous state that gives back and takes in those in need. Many years ago, when my wife Mary Catherine worked for Catholic Charities of Dallas, I personally aided in the resettlement of refugees. I understand the humanitarian need. However, I also understand the security risks that are inherent in the program. When those two interests are in conflict - as they are today - we must prioritize Texans' safety and security.

"I call on our elected officials in Washington to secure the border, fix immigration policy, and rebuild the refugee resettlement program. Until that happens, I strongly support Governor Greg Abbott's decision to withdraw Texas from the federal refugee resettlement program. In fact, I filed Senate Bill 260, which would give the Texas Legislature a role in making the Governor's decision more permanent. The Governor and the Legislature have an obligation to keep Texans safe, and it's one that we take very seriously. Until the program is significantly redesigned and the federal government makes assurances to Governor Abbott and me that refugees don't pose a security threat, Texas will not be complicit in welcoming radical Islamic extremists who are eager to kill and maim innocent Texans."


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