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Should Texas Ban Sanctuary Policies?

Yesterday in Austin, the Senate Committee on State Affairs debated Senate Bill 4, which would prohibit sanctuary policies under which local governments like cities or sheriffs' offices turn a blind eye to federal immigration policies. I sat in on the hearing to listen to the testimony, and now I need you to weigh in.


Should Texas ban sanctuary policies that let criminal illegal aliens walk freely among us?

Just recently, the Travis County Sheriff has implemented a sanctuary policy. Unfortunately, the criminal illegal aliens released by Travis County are free to travel elsewhere in Texas, making this a statewide priority. In fact, just this week, Governor Greg Abbott has named this an "Emergency Item" for immediate legislative action. I am proud to remain ever vigilant in the fight to uphold the rule of law and keep Texans safe from criminal illegal aliens! 

Do you support the Governor and the Texas Senate in our effort to end sanctuary policies?

By working together, we can keep Texans safe from illegal immigrants who should be locked away or deported, not roaming the streets of Texas among our families. I'm also fighting to keep Texans safe from a broken federal refugee program that could be a way for terrorists to attack Texans. I will also expand the border security mission for the men and women of Texas law enforcement by giving them limited arrest authority under the state's criminal trespass laws.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this VERY important issue. God bless you, and God bless Texas!


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