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Standing for the Second Amendment!

A strong Second Amendment is critical to preserving all of our other God-given liberties. Law-abiding Texans have a right and a responsibility to protect themselves and their families, which is why I'm an ardent supporter of significantly expanding Second Amendment liberty! Wherever state or local governments infringe on our rights, it is my duty to fix it! 


From standing for Constitutional Carry to keeping local politicians’ hands off of your guns, I'm excited to share with you all of the ways I'm fighting for your Second Amendment liberty!

Constitutional Carry

Law-abiding Texans should not have to get a state government permission slip to exercise their Second Amendment liberty. Constitutional Carry tears down state government barriers that currently stand between law-abiding Texans and their right to defend themselves and their families. We do not need a permit or license to go to church or speak our mind. We shouldn't have to jump through hoops to exercise our Second Amendment rights, either. 

This week, the House Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee heard two Constitutional Carry bills: HB 375 by Rep. Jonathan Stickland and HB 1911 by Rep. James White. I'm a strong supporter of Constitutional Carry, and I'm excited that the House is considering these bills! In fact, I'm eagerly awaiting the opportunity to sponsor a Constitutional Carry bill in the Senate once it passes out of the Texas House. Thanks to Chairman King, Rep. Stickland, and Rep. White. When you succeed in the House, I will do everything I can to help get Constitutional Carry across the finish line in the Texas Senate!

Senate Bill 16 - Lowering License to Carry Fees

This week, the Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 16 by Senator Robert Nichols. I co-authored this bill that lowers the License to Carry fee from $140 to $40, making it much more affordable for Texans to exercise their Second Amendment rights. This bill is a great first step on our path to Constitutional Carry, and I’m working to ensure that the 85th Texas Legislature will take even more steps to advance Second Amendment liberty! 

My Second Amendment Legislation

I have also filed a package of bills to strengthen Second Amendment liberty. Senate Joint Resolution 30 will enact a permanent constitutional ban on state or local gun registries. Law-abiding gun owners don't need the burden of registering their guns, and government has no business with that information! 

I also filed Senate Bill 458 to keep License to Carry holders from being unnecessarily given an additional charge just because their firearm is secured out-of-arms-reach in their vehicle. When a license to carry (LTC) holder is pulled over and suspected of driving while intoxicated, their firearm is sometimes counted against them by overzealous prosecutors who add additional criminal charges for possession of a firearm while intoxicated. Often times individuals suspected of DWIs are only charged with unlawful possession because the threshold for carrying while intoxicated is typically much lower than the threshold for driving while intoxicated. Carrying on one's person while intoxicated is dangerous and operating a vehicle while intoxicated is incredibly reckless and irresponsible; both will continue to be illegal with very steep penalties. However, because of an unclear law, LTC holders are being charged with Class A misdemeanors for possession of a firearm, even when that weapon is safely locked away or out of reach in their vehicle. SB 458 clarifies that an individual can only be charged with a Class A misdemeanor if they are carrying a handgun on their person while intoxicated.

I'm also working to get ahead of gun-grabbers like former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is working with cities to restrain your Second Amendment liberty. To stop local gun regulations before they are even put in place, I have filed Senate Bill 459, which preempts local regulations on the sale, purchase, manufacturing, and taxation of firearms. 

Finally, I'm working to make sure we honor the spirit of the Second Amendment by designating the cannon as the Official State Gun of Texas with SCR 8. Our state history is full of historic cannons, which are powerful reminders of Texans' epic struggle for freedom - both historic and ongoing.  It's time that we highlight the unique heritage shared by the millions who proudly call Texas home, and that starts with naming the cannon as the Official State Gun of Texas!


When I was first sworn-in as your state Senator, I took an oath to defend the laws and the Constitutions of the United States of America and Texas. I take that oath very seriously, which is why I’m always looking for opportunities to defend and advance liberty. 


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