Texas Conservative Digest - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Texas Conservative Digest Endorses Don Huffines

The Texas State Senate has recently seen the addition of some very good conservative Senators; but it needs more. 

Up until the election of 2012, the Texas State Senate was filled with more RINO’s than a body could count. We are extremely pleased to announce the endorsement of a man who will add to that long awaited new conservative voice for the people of Texas.

Don Huffines understands the importance of limited government and making sure that our conservative values are represented and not just vocalized on a campaign agenda. He is the only true conservative in the race and he has not made his career out of politics. Don is committed to cutting taxes, stopping the attempts to create a full blown income tax for Texas and to eliminating the magnets that attract illegal immigrants to our state. Texas needs more strong conservatives in the Texas State Senate – and we hardily endorse the strong conservative candidacy of Don Huffines.


Dan Celia just joined.