Thank You, District 16! - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Thank You, District 16!

Our hard work paid off. I am so thankful for this victory, and I know it would not have been possible without your support. I am honored that the people of Texas have put their faith in my plan to restore conservative Texas values in the State Senate. 


The election is over which means it is time to get to work.


I am committed to making our state an example to the world for economic freedom. With the right leadership in place, we will fix transportation and our job market will continue to grow, strengthening our economy, securing our border, and independence. The voters have spoken and they have defined the mission for our new leaders: think big, act bold, and open up the limitless opportunities that lie before us. 


Texas is going to lead the national and international communities by example, because we refuse to compromise our faith, our constitutional convictions, and our core beliefs in liberty. And I look forward to representing those commitments throughout my term in office. 

As I prepare to head to Austin to fight for our future, I thank God for this opportunity that I have been given. I also thank you, again, for your truly humbling support. 

Now let's keep Texas first. 

In Liberty,

Don Huffines


Dan Celia just joined.