This Week in YOUR Texas Legislature - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


This Week in YOUR Texas Legislature

Your Texas Legislature is already working hard on your behalf! I had a busy week in the Texas Senate, and I’m excited to tell you about everything that is going on. 

Ethics Reform - Senate Bill 14

The Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 14 and other bills to strengthen ethics laws for government officials, politicians, and lobbyists. The bills we passed stop the pensions of politicians who are felons, improve disclosure of lobbyists' spending, help close the revolving door of the former legislator turned lobbyist, and prevent elected officials from also serving as a lobbyist. I was proud to support these ethics reforms. We need public servants who focus on what is best for Texas and Texans, not for entrenched, self-serving special interests. Senate Bill 14 and the other ethics reforms bills passed by the Texas Senate help us achieve that critically important goal. I’m proud to be a Joint Author to Senate Bill 14. In fact, I was the first Senator to sign my name along with the bill’s author, Senator Van Taylor!

Sanctuary Cities

Your Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 4 to prohibit and punish dangerous sanctuary policies by local governments. When any city or county in Texas allows criminal aliens to walk the streets, that exposes all Texans to danger. Local officials must follow the rule of law and must adhere to the oath they swore to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State
Just this week, we saw troubling reports out of Austin, where the Travis County Sheriff is proud of her sanctuary policy. The Sheriff’s policy resulted in the release of a criminal alien who had repeatedly sexually assaulted a young girl. That’s disgusting and reprehensible, and it underscores why we need Senate Bill 4 in Texas. 
Dallas County also passed a “welcoming communities” resolution. The Dallas County resolution is dangerous, irresponsible, and reprehensible. Dallas County should focus on keeping Texans safe from criminal aliens instead of playing politics and taking jabs at the laws that they swore an oath to uphold. Senate Bill 4 upholds the rule of law and keeps Texans safe from criminal aliens. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Texas Senate are doing our job for Texans while Dallas County is risking lives locally and across our state.
That is why I have called on Dallas County to immediately rescind their resolution and to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials in compliance with Senate Bill 4. We must keep Texans safe!

Dignity & Respect for Unborn Children

On Wednesday, February 15, the Senate Health & Human Services Committee had a hearing on my Senate Bill 258, which would afford dignity and respect to the remains of unborn children. 

Texas will not be a state where the remains of unborn children are cast aside with the daily trash. Unborn children deserve more dignity and respect than the cold, harsh treatment that is callously afforded to ‘medical waste.’ With my Senate Bill 258, Texans are going to stand up and say no more grinders and drains, and no more landfills. On Wednesday, the Texas Senate and I took the first step to ensure that our innocent unborn children will no longer be deprived of the dignity that is due every human - a proper internment or cremation.

Coming Up in YOUR Texas Senate

In the Texas Senate, we have already addressed two of Governor Greg Abbott’s four “emergency items” - sanctuary cities and ethics reform. We still have two more important items to address, and I’m excited to be working on both.

First, Texas must reform CPS. In doing so, it’s imperative that we protect, preserve, and advance parental rights. I am eager to take up this challenge to keep Texas children safe, to advance permanent adoption of children out of the foster care system, and to keep families whole whenever possible.

Second, we’re very soon to take up a big priority for restoring our Constitution and pushing back against a federal government that has grown far outside the boundaries established by our founding document. I’m proud to be a Joint Author of Senate Joint Resolution 2 and Senate Bill 21, which will call for an Article V Convention of States to "impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and to limit the terms of office of federal officials and members of Congress.” Texas can and must act to save our nation and advance liberty!


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