Vote in the Runoff Elections - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


Vote in the Runoff Elections

If you haven't voted yet please vote tomorrow on Election Day. 

Please, please go to polls and vote for the candidates I am endorsing:
Lt Governor Candidate Dan Patrick
House District 108 Candidate Chart Westcott 

As Republicans, we must look at where candidates stand on the issues, their philosophy, and foundation. The election tomorrow is a watershed event. The establishment liberal Republicans are desperate to salvage this election from the tidal wave of grassroots believers in liberty, accountability, and true citizen-run government. We must elect rock solid conservatives who will represent the principles of our party that are clearly expressed in our state platform.

All candidates campaign on being conservatives, but very few will govern that way. They run to the right, but govern to the left. The political seas will sweep many candidates off their foundation and deposit them in Austin as moderates and liberals. 

Texans have a clear choice on the ballot between strong conservatives and weak liberals. The liberal Republicans have run our state since we took control from the Democrats 15 years ago, but now we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect true, grassroots liberty-loving patriots. 

Other Conservative Candidates
Attorney General Candidate Ken Paxton 
Agricultural Commissioner Candidate Sid Miller
Texas Senate District 10 Candidate Konni Burton

Believe me my friends, this runoff is critical to the establishment -- they will say and do anything. But our fight will always be about liberty and freedom. And that is the fight we must win.

Blessings always,

Don Huffines


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