We won! - Don Huffines for Texas Senate


We won!

We won! What an incredibly historic campaign! I am very humbled by our victory on Tuesday night and I know it certainly would not have been possible without your support. The race was closer than I expected, but a conservative message won the day.  I am so honored that Republican voters have chosen me to represent them in S.D. 16. 


We led all night and around 2 a.m., the final count showed we had won by 635 votes, 1.35%.  We were outspent almost 2 to 1.  We had 130 days to communicate our conservative philosophy, and our message won.


This campaign was a hard-fought battle.  Every minute, every hour, and every day counted.  Every $5 donation, every tweet, and every phone call made the difference.  When I asked for help, supporters like you answered with unwavering support. For this, I am extremely blessed and eternally grateful.  


There is no Democrat in the general election, but I will continue to campaign to spread the conservative message, and help all Republicans defeat the Democrats. 


This race was never about the messenger, but always about the conservative message.


And from the beginning of this campaign I said I would not compromise my faith, my constitutional convictions, or my core beliefs in economic freedom.  That commitment remains today and always.


My faith is stronger and I thank God for this opportunity that I have been given.  A motto that I have used at my company is “seeing beyond the obvious”, which will serve me well in Austin.  


It is a new day in Austin.  There are many great conservatives moving to town. 


And although we have won the fight for our future continues. 


Let’s keep Texas Republican.  Let’s make our state the lighthouse to the world for economic freedom and prosperity.


Thank you very much,

Don Huffines


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