What has Don Done?

  • Led the charge to phase out the costly and complicated margins tax on Texas employers.

  • Pushed for economic freedom by seeking to repeal of more than 20 unnecessary, burdensome occupational licensing requirements and regulations.

  • Fought to stop the construction of more toll roads in Texas.

  • Passed SB 1178 to conduct a study on implementing an education savings account program to empower parents with school choice options.

  • Promoted a school choice plan to empower teachers to own and operate their own schools.

  • Sponsored transparency legislation providing for oversight of regional mobility authorities by the State Auditor.

  • Was recognized by a Baker Institute expert as one of the top 5 most conservative state senators.

  • Supported open carry legislation and fought for constitutional carry.

  • Supported ethics reforms that would prohibit current legislators from immediately lobbying when they leave the Legislature.

  • Filed a comprehensive term limit bill and fought for an amendment to place term limits on the Governor and Lt. Governor's office.

  • Passed SB 1181 to lay the foundation for restructuring Texans' hunting and fishing licenses.

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