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Your Texas Legislature Backs the Blue!

Friday, March 10 is a milestone in the 85th Texas Legislature. First, it's the filing deadline for bills, so members are working extra hard this week putting the finishing touches on their legislative package. Second, it marks the 60th day of our 140 day legislative session. Day 60 is important because, per our state constitution, we cannot debate or pass legislation on the Senate floor before the 60th day unless it is a local bill or declared an emergency item by our Governor. Monday, March 13 will be a busy and exciting day on the Senate floor!


#BackTheBlue - Stand for Texas Law Enforcement & First Responders

On Monday, March 6, I joined law enforcement leaders, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and other Senators for a “Back the Blue” press conference where Lt. Gov. Patrick announced that Monday, March 13 will be “Back the Blue” day in the Texas Senate!


March 6, 2017 Press Conference with Law Enforcement Leaders, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Senator John Whitmire & Senator Royce West

On the first day the Senate can debate and pass legislation from the floor, I will have the opportunity to pass two bills out of the Senate! Senate Bill 15 will create a total property exemption for the surviving spouse of a first responder who is killed in the line of duty. Following the horrific events of July 7, 2016 in Dallas, Senate Bill 798 will forever commemorate July 7 as Fallen Law Enforcement Office Day in Texas. 

The men and women of Texas law enforcement serve to keep us safe, preserve our liberty, and uphold the rule of law. We owe them the utmost respect and reverence, and on the sad day when they don't make it home, we owe their families a significant debt of gratitude. 


Keeping First Responders Safe

As first responders answer our cries for help, we cannot leave them exposed to attack. First responders do dangerous work, and sometimes come under fire. In a time in which our police are targeted just because of their uniform and badge, we must not leave first responders disarmed and exposed to danger, either.

That's why I filed Senate Bill 1408 this week to allow first responders to protect themselves by carrying a handgun while on duty. In order to carry a handgun on duty, a first responder will be required to have a License to Carry (LTC) and must complete a special on-duty first responder training course that will be approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

A first responder shouldn't have to give up her Second Amendment right to self-protection whenever she puts on her uniform. It's inexcusable that government policies currently leave our first responders exposed to danger without any way to defend themselves. We trust first responders to save our lives when we are in need. We can also trust them to safely carry a handgun while on-duty so they may defend their own lives if needed. We will all be better served when first responders are given a better chance to return home to their loved ones at the end of their shift.


In addition to honoring the public service and ultimate sacrifices made by Texas law enforcement and first responders, I’m also fighting to advance liberty, prosperity, and virtues in many other ways. Please stay tuned for more updates in the near future!


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